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The Colours of Heaven - 15 Cretan Icons from a European Private Collection

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2017-10-09 2017-10-09 09.10.2017

From 22 October 2017 until 21 January 2018 the Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen (Germany) will host the intimate exhibition The Colours of Hea ven, presenting 15 superb religious artworks from the post Byzantine era (15th – 17th century) of Crete. Being part of a European private collection, most of the icons will be shown publicly for the first time.

The Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen has one of the most important collections of Cretan icons in Western Europe. In combination with this permanent collection, the special exhibition The Colours of Hea ven offers the opportunity to enjoy and to study different aspects of Cretan icon painting at its artistic high point.

Cretan icon painting revitalized the great Byzantine heritage and at the same time incorporated Western influences, thus blending both artistic traditions. In doing so it demonstrated how fruitful cultural continuity and interaction with other cultures can be at a particular critical turning-point in history.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a lavishly illustrated catalogue written by Eva Haustein-Bartsch and Simon Morsink.

Ikonen-Museum Recklinghausen
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22 October 2017 – 21 January 2018
Tuesday – Sunday and holidays 11am – 6pm
24 & 31 December, 11am – 2pm